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Lawn Seeding in Overland, MO

Lawn Renovations

Aerating: Core aeration allows air, water and fertilizer to reach the root zone. This stimulates root growth for a healthier lawn.

Power Raking : Power Raking (dethatching) your lawn will clean old dead thatch from your lawn allowing more root growth for a healthier lawn.

Over Seeding : Using grass seed for our climate zone will help ensure a healthier lawn that will hold up in our hot humid summers.

We Love Healthy Lawns

At Mid County Lawn Care, we understand the importance of having a healthy-looking lawn. That's why we take a thorough, detailed approach to every lawn seeding project we're called to complete. We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship and terrific customer service; and we keep our rates reasonable and affordable. 

Improve your lawn with seeding services from Mid County Lawn Care. We offer service all over Overland, Olivette, Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, Bridgeton, St. Ann. Woodson Terrace, and St. John. Call us today at 314-427-5563 for more information or to schedule an estimate.